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Making a Difference Through AEEE Membership

The best way to understand and benefit from the dynamic energy efficiency market, and lead the growth and transformation of the sector, is through AEEE Membership. AEEE Memberhip is the key to directly access most of the benefits and services that AEEE provides to companies and organizations. Investment in our flexible membership packages will open a wide range of opportunities for your business and you will allow you to participate in and contribute to a community which is striving to make our country energy efficient, businesses more competitive, help create more green jobs, leading to lower energy intensity at the country level.

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Membership Fees and Categories

There are four categories of membership. Table-1 illustrates AEEE Membership Fee structure and the voting rights.

For Premium Membership Companies and Intuitions can make a donation of Rs 2.5 lakh to AEEE, and additionally, the Membership Fee would be s 2.5 lakh for a period of 5 years. Thereafter a Membership Fee of Rs 2.5 lakh would be payable, every 5 years. Premium Membership to AEEE is provided to companies and institutions who make a Donation of Rs 2.5 lakh would be eligible for 80-G exemption under Income Tax Act, and an 80-G Receipt would be issued by AEEE. This would be subject to the prevailing Guidelines of Income Tax Department at the time of the donation.

Table-1: Membership Fees Applicable from April 2015

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Premium Membership Donation* 2,50,000 *
Service Tax rates as applicable
Category & Period of Membership Annual 3-Year 5-Year
All Companies, Government Organizations, State Agencies, DISCOMs & Utilities, PSUs, Sector Associations’, Trade Missions 20,000 50,000 70,000
Universities, Training & R&D Institutions, Equipment Testing Labs, RWAs & NGOs 20,000 40,000 60,000

Donations are Exempt from Service Tax. AEEE provides 80-G benefit to Donations, subject to prevailing Income Tax rules.

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