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Membership levels and Benefit Charts

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Benefits and Services Premium Members Companies (Govt Orgs, Energy Utilities) Insitituions (Universities, R&D Orgs) Associates (Including Individuals)
Full version of the Email Newsletter
Company logo on website’s homepage and AEEE’s prime publications
Listing with logo in AEEE’S Member Directory
Coverage of Company events and interview of top management in newsletter and other media
First opportunity to sponsor and co-brand AEEE conferences and events
Speaker slot at annual meetings and conferences
CEOs Roundtable on EE industry perspective
CXO Policy Meet with Industry Leaders and visiting delegations
Opportunity to participate in Government & Apex chamber’s committees and taskforces
Priority in Fellowship Programme as an exclusive service for AEEE Members
Access to AEEE training programmes and events
Sector-focused M&V Training ISO 50001, on cost-share basis
Access to Energy Auditors and CMVP with range of experience and expertise
Access to EE market updates, webinars, news and announcements
Regional Platform to market advance technologies & services; outreach activities and market surveys on a cost-share basis
CXO Policy Meet with Leaders, visiting delegations – on invitation, subject to seat availability
Quarterly review of Energy Efficiency Financing & Market Trends addressed by leading Financial Institutes, Bank or A NBFI – on cost-share basis
Access to AEEE’s webinar’s recordings on discounted rates vis-à-vis non-Members
AEEE training and workshop at discounted rate vis-à-vis non-members
Access to AEEE’s data and reports on chargeable basis
Providing internships and placements opportunities in AEEE and member organization, where feasible
State-level Energy Efficiency Policy Reports – developed and discussed on a quarterly basis in regional or chapter meetings
Individual Members: Business Card/ CV or Profile displayed on AEEE website with Qualifications and Expertise for a Fee

Note: = Full benefits under this category.  = Benefits available subject programme guidelines.

AEEE is committed to provide the following benefits and services to Members covering the broad areas of policy, market research, training, capacity building, business development and networking and branding with the best in the sector. The key benefits of AEEE membership are:

right  Visibility and Recognition
Ensure visibility of companies and highlight expertise in energy efficiency technology and business. The names of Premium members are prominently displayed on AEEE website home page, conferences and workshops, AEEE’s own publications and directories.

right  Positively Influence Energy Efficiency Policy Making
Participate in policy dialogues with NITI Aayog, BEE, Regulatory Commissions and State Designated Agencies to accelerate the pace and broad-base energy efficient policies. Create opportunities and share ideas to constructively shape energy efficiency policies, programmes, laws and regulations affecting EE business and share industry’s feedback on challenges faced in effective implementation of EE policies and market transformation thus enabling ease of doing business.

right  Networking and Market Access
Tap into the AEEE network of national and regional stakeholders, industries, SMEs and technical experts, government departments and agencies and apex chambers such as FICCI, CII and PHD Chambers on topics of energy efficiency. AEEE provides access to international partners (e.g., Alliance to Save Energy, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Efficiency Valuation Organization, GEF-UNIDO Global Cleantech forum).

right  Professional Development
Get special discounts and premium slots in Training Programmes and Roundtable discussions on Energy Efficiency topics (e.g. High Performance Buildings, Sustainable Space Cooling, Role of M&V in PAT, Enabling the ESCO market, etc.)

right  Information and Business Intelligence
Access to AEEE’s Electronic Newsletter which summarises the trends and developments in the EE industry, with links to detailed Reports. Participate in AEEE Webinar Series which features subject matter experts on different policy and technology issues.

right  Capacity Building
AEEE’s expertise and programmes on measurement and verification and ESCO capacity building programmes have benefitted a wide array of energy efficiency professionals in industries, municipalities,, ESCOs, energy consultants, auditors, equipment manufacturer in India, South Asia and worldwide.

right  One point contact for Legal Advisory Services
AEEE supports industries and SMEs to adopt the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) by developing model contracts and templates to support Measurement & Verification (M&V). AEEE can help members access guidance on Intellectual Property, parterships and collaboration which may require Non-Disclosure Agreements, better understand the legal clauses of ESPCs through its network of legal experts and firms.

Summary of Benefits through AEEE Programmes

right  Premium Members have sectoral representation to Policy & Programmes Committee of AEEE and may propose one topic or project addressing specific Energy Efficiency industry needs for action and followup by Secretariat.

right  Members will have opportuity for inclusion in delegation for international visits to promote energy efficiency business, subject to the guidelines of the delegation sponsors, and programme budget.

right  Members have priority to present sector-specific Webinars in a year. AEEE will work with Premium Members to organize upto 4 Webinars and with Companies and Instutions one Webinar per year.

right  AEEE Members have priority for registration for Training Programmes, Workshops and Conferences organized by AEEE, specific to their areas of business and expertise.

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