Can Asia achieve zero emissions despite explosive urban growth?


Asia’s construction industry is booming, but can it do so while driving down greenhouse gas emissions?

A rapid expansion of the construction industry in the Asia-Pacific region has focused attention on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. Buildings are large consumers of energy, accounting for nearly one-third of the world’s total energy consumption and a similar contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

With rising energy prices and deepening environmental concerns, many countries are looking at ways to reduce energy use in buildings and lessen their contribution to the global carbon footprint.

Buildings are crucial to achieving the Paris pledge

The Paris Agreement commits all nations to transition to net-zero emissions globally in the second half of this century. Countries are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Net-zero emissions from buildings is achievable

The technology to achieve zero-carbon buildings already exists today.

Source: Eco-Business, March 14- Can Asia achieve zero emissions despite explosive urban growth?