AEEE is a policy advocacy and energy efficiency market enabler with a not-for-profit motive. It is the only organisation in India that works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource. It advocates for data driven and evidence-based energy efficiency policies that will unleash innovation and entrepreneurship within the country to create an energy-efficient economy.

Core Functions

Help in energy efficiency policy making through research and analysis

Proactively address India’s cooling needs through holistic and responsible cooling strategies and policies

Demonstrate thought leadership in energy efficiency

Catayse a dynamic ESCO market through partnerships and financing

Contribute to India’s climate change commitment through collaborateive energy efficiency strategies

Core Verticals

ESCO and Financing

  • Facilitation Services for ESCOs – Create $1 billion market
  • Future Energy Services Trends

Buildings and Appliances

  • National flagship policies
  • Leadership in high impact areas
  • Energy data disclosure

Urban Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Tapping state and municipal agencies and programs for EE
  • Energy and resource efficiency through transportation

Business and Industry Platform

  • Bringing industry, government and market togethert
  • Training and Capacity Building

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