About AEEE

AEEE is a policy advocacy and energy efficiency market enabler with a not-for-profit motive. It is the only organisation in India which works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource (energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest and fastest resource and must be the first fuel in India, before thinking about power generation from any fuel, including renewables) advocates for data driven and evidence-based energy efficiency policies that will unleash the innovation and entrepreneurship within the country to create an energy-efficient economy.

AEEE supports BEE’s Energy Efficiency Policies, EESL’s Implementation Efforts, Niti Aayog’s National Energy Policy initiative and advocates for 10-50x increase in energy efficiency budget, capacity at BEE and State Designated Agencies and deepening and strengthening of existing programs. AEEE has deep expertise and understanding of the energy services market (e.g. ESPC contracts, measurement and verification, energy efficiency financing including risk sharing and mitigation methods, etc.) and organises both grassroots activities such as awareness and training workshops and works on strategic issues such as standard ESPC contracts, M&V guidelines, investigate ESPC transaction related failures and make recommendations to overcome the barriers and challenges.

AEEE works closely with private sector companies and invites companies and organisations to become members of AEEE to strengthen its hands and scale up the energy efficiency market for their energy-efficient products and services by becoming active partners in the development and implementation of government’s energy efficiency policies in the buildings, industry and appliances and equipment sector.

AEEE works closely with national and international institutions, governmental and non-governmental (e.g. Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, Niti Aayog, SIDBI, FICCI, The World Bank, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, etc.), private sector companies (SME ESCOs, Equipment manufacturers, to big real estate developers, etc.) to provide a convening platform for government and industry to engage in a constructive dialogue to design and implement more effective and impactful policies.

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