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Making a Difference Through AEEE Membership

The best way to understand and benefit from the dynamic energy efficiency market, and lead the growth and transformation of the sector, is through AEEE Membership. AEEE Membership is the key to directly access a host of benefits and services that AEEE provides to companies and organisations. Investment in our membership packages will open up a wide range of opportunities for your business. You will be able to participate in and contribute to a community which is striving to make our country energy efficient, and businesses more competitive. You can help create more green jobs, leading to lower energy intensity at the country level.

AEEE supports its members to increase their credibility in the area of energy efficiency by providing a bouquet of value-added, customised services. AEEE creates opportunities for its members that enable scaling of energy efficiency products and services, and also catalyse EE financing.

AEEE members represent various segments of the energy efficiency industry – technology, equipment and service providers, consulting companies and varied energy end-users committed to energy efficiency and clean energy. AEEE members also include reputed research and academic organisations.

Membership Categories and Fees

There are four categories of membership.

*Premium Members Companies can make a one-time donation of INR 2.5 lakh to AEEE. Additionally, Membership Fees would be INR 1 lakh for a period of 1- year. Thereafter, a Membership Fee of INR 1 lakh would be payable for every financial year.

Membership Fees** Applicable from 1st October 2018

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Membership Category

Period of Membership

(1 year)

Fee Amount

Premium Membership one-time Donation to Corpus Fund














Note:  GST is not applicable.

The Membership is valid for the current fiscal year and renewable the next fiscal year. 

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