Building Stock Modelling

Data-drive and evidence-based energy efficiency policies hinge on the availability of data on energy-related building characteristics and energy usage. While the data is vital for overall transformation with its benefits widely understood, there is no standard framework for data collection and dissemination across countries due to the differences in workforce capacity and resources, national priorities, and energy data and analytics maturity of various countries.  The sufficiency of data in energy and buildings sector broadly falls in three scenarios: Data-aware, Data-proficient and Data-driven (adapted from Gartner maturity model (Gartner, 2018)). In India, availability of energy-related data positions between Data-aware and Data-proficient due to significant swaths of missing data. AEEE has undertaken the task of Building Stock Modelling in India for commercial and residential sector as it is foundational to any building energy efficiency policy formulation. The objectives of this study are-

  • To enrich the buildings energy and performance data quality and availability in India by systematically deriving categorical data from public and private domains in order to identify and fill-in gaps
  • To estimate the electricity consumed and comprehend rising space cooling demand in building sector
  • To identify addressable opportunities in each segment through deeper, segment wise assessment of electricity consumption, air-conditioned area for commercial sector, room air-conditioner penetration for residential sector and savings potential that elucidates opportunities to act upon and to buttress near to long term policy decisions led by key ministries.
  • To devise methodologies and illuminate key sources of data for long term assistance to researchers, policy makers and business community in conducting market sizing exercises in future that remain central to promoting data driven policy measures and market actions.

AEEE’s “Estimating India’s commercial building stock to address the energy data challenge” has been published in Building Research and Information Journal and can be viewed at