Cracking the ECBC for Gujarat Level Implementation

Date : 01/09/2012

Speaker: Prof. Rajan Rawal (CEPT Ahemdabad)

The webinar  provided an overview of the state-level process followed in Gujarat for ECBC implementation so far and will also inform the participants about the enforcement mechanism in detail. Gujarat is one of the states working on ECBC implementation based on the Tier approach method prepared by CEPT University and The Weidt Group. The tiered approach prepares the industry and government institutions to move gradually and progressively towards complete compliance with ECBC. ECBC Gujarat uses the compliance approach prescribed in ECBC and integrates it with General Development Control Regulation (GDCR) of Gujarat forimplementation of ECBC at urban local level. All enforcement and implementation procedures have been detailed out in the ECBC Implementation Roadmap for Gujarat, which is an outcome of intense consultations between State Designated Agency, Gujarat Urban Development Department, BEE and urban local bodies.

This webinar was first part of two part series. This first AEEE webinar was  followed by an AEEE webinar on “Third Party Assessment for ECBC Compliance” developed by CEPT University and The Weidt Group.