Need Cooling, you get Heat for free”: Webinar on the dual benefits of Heat Pumps for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Date : 29/06/2018

Speaker: Mr. Thomas Nowak, Secretary General, European Heat Pumps Association

Buildings and processes alike are large scale users of heating and cooling services. Far too often, these are still considered separate and consequently provided by two different appliances. In order to greatly improve efficiency, we need a shift in perspective towards a systematic understanding. Whenever cooling is needed, heat is a by-product, whenever heating is required, surplus cooling is generated. It needs systematic thinking to identify where these energy cycles can be closed and where energetic waste of one service can be the resource of another.

Large heat pumps are the technology of choice to make this vision an efficient reality. While heat pumps are known in residential application, they are much less recognized for their contribution (potential) in commerce and industry. However it is this market segment, where they are quickly becoming hidden champions. Users of heating and cooling in many industrial processes in the food, paper or chemical industries (list not exhaustive) can benefit economically from a most efficient use of energy while providing a significant benefit towards emission reduction and air quality.

The webinar elaborated on the concept and provided examples of successful large heat pump applications.

You can access the recording here.

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