Webinar on Demand Side Management: A Critique of Relevance and Opportunity for DISCOMs

Date : 13/08/2018

Speaker: Dr. Mahesh Patankar, Managing Director, MP Ensystems Advisory Private Limited

The Government has launched a number of programs to improve the availability of power and reduce carbon emissions from the power sector in India. Demand Side Management (DSM) at the consumer side of the meter is a key resource for power utilities to meet both these objectives. However, despite 16 states having notified DSM Regulations, utility-driven DSM has been sub-optimal, due to factors such as focus on financial and technical losses and the perceived impact of DSM on revenue.

MP Ensystems, under a contract from Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, has conducted research into various aspects of Demand Side Management (DSM) and developed a compendium of four papers. This webinar delved into the findings of the papers on the following topics:

  • Perform Achieve Trade Scheme and its Alignment with DSM
  • Analysis of Financial Health of DISCOMs
  • Agriculture DSM- New Delivery Mechanisms
  • Retail Competition and Load Management Certificates in India

You can access the recording here.

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