Workshop on Implementing Energy Services Performance Contracts (ESPC) – ESCO Market Enablement and Implementing ESPC Projects through Utility’s End Customer Aggregation

Location : New Delhi

Date : 24/04/2018

To enable business and market uptake of Energy Efficiency Services in the country, AEEE, in partnership with BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), and with support from SHAKTI Sustainable Foundation, organised the workshop on Implementing Energy Services Performance Contracts (ESPC), bringing together Utility’s end-users and Energy Services Companies to a single platform.

The objective of the workshop was to target the end users from the Commercial Buildings, Residential and Industrial sector, broadening the scope to Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Businesses, RWAs and Industrial Units. This was first of its kind initiation wherever a DISCOM, BYPL is aggregating customers for implementation of Energy Efficiency in its area of service.

The workshop saw participation from the end users, ESCOs, OEMs, FIs, BEE, and EESL. The deliberations were made to scale-up the energy performance contracting and implementation of EE projects. The workshop also targeted to influence more residential sector consumers to take up EE technologies and adopt behavioural change in their energy usage. The deliberations were also made to explore the suitable energy service models for residential consumers.

You can access the presentation and pics of the workshop here

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