Measurement & Verification

Proven energy savings are essential for assessment of all Energy Efficiency (EE) projects. Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy use before and after the implementation of an EE project is the only way to accurately determine energy savings resulting from the project. M&V is also essential for monitoring energy consumption Energy Management programmes for buildings and industry. Having a comprehensive M&V plan is also important for EE project financing and an essential component of most government schemes to promote energy efficiency. The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol from Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO) is the most recognised M&V standard for Energy Efficiency worldwide.

AEEE strongly advocates the use of M&V in EE projects and programmes, and for formulating EE policies in a data-driven evidence-based manner. AEEE has

  • Developed a M&V template to be used with AEEE’s model EPC for energy efficiency projects for industry
  • Developed a M&V application guide for energy efficient street lighting projects in association with EESL, IIEC and World Bank

AEEE has a partnership with EVO to conduct Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) certification courses in India and has certified over 140 CMVPs in India over the last four years. AEEE’s next CMVP programme is scheduled for November 2017.

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