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The fuel of tomorrow is everything we can save today. Our new brand promise reflects our sharper focus in delivering technologies today that help save energy in farm-to-fork models and smart cities of tomorrow. Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. Danfoss helps meet the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate-friendly solutions.

We help build the infrastructure for the world’s growing cities – and we do it in a sustainable way. We help construct the roads and buildings and optimize the energy and water supplies as well as plants and buildings. Our engineering ensures cleaner air and increased comfort for people as well as higher efficiency and productivity – moving the growing cities in a green direction and raising the standard of living. We support progress for people, communities and businesses around the world. An effective infrastructure is the vehicle for transforming low- and middle-income countries. Our solutions are making a difference for the cities of tomorrow.

We help meet the need for more and better food by improving farming productivity and keeping food fresh all the way to consumers in the most efficient and safe way with minimum waste. In the field, we provide hydraulic products for machinery such as intelligent tractors and harvesters that help optimize the harvest on the farms. When food is harvested or fished from the sea, our innovative technology controls the temperature and monitors the refrigeration in transportation, plants, distribution centres and supermarkets. This saves energy and CO2, keeps costs down, minimizes food waste and improves food quality.

Danfoss Drives: Danfoss is the world leader in dedicated drives. Danfoss drives are independent of motor manufacturers and adapt to any technology. Dedicated, reliable and user-friendly, these drives fit specific application requirements and reduce total cost of ownership. Providing optimum process control and energy efficiency for a wide variety of electric-motor-driven applications in a diverse range of industries, Danfoss drives play a crucial role in optimising productivity for various industries like Food & Beverage, Chemical, Mining, Marine and HVAC industries.

Danfoss Smart Cities: Energy Efficiency to be considered as the first fuel in running India’s smart cities in a sustainable manner. Smart city implies smart consumption of energy. Buildings consume a lot of energy and smart technologies that Danfoss has to offer help in reducing energy consumed in HVAC Systems. Accelerating energy efficiency while India experiences skyrocketing growth in its buildings market provides a huge opportunity to generate energy savings that can translate directly to financial savings.

Danfoss India believes that technologies are available to improve the Energy to GDP ratio of cities and thereby the country and is focusing on five specific areas within India’s 100 Smart Cities dream: Key focus areas for Danfoss include Efficient Buildings (New and Retrofit), District Cooling, Efficient Water and Waste Water management, Efficient Industries, Efficient Food (Cold Chain) Infrastructure including Smart Stores. www.danfoss.com/india

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