Saint-Gobain, the world leader in Habitat, designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions that can be found everywhere in our living places and our daily life: in buildings, transportation, and infrastructure and in many industrial applications.

These materials and solutions provide comfort, performance and safety while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and climate change.
With over €39.6 billion sales in 2015, and operations in 66 countries, Saint-Gobain globally employs more than 170000 employees.

Saint-Gobain Glass in India

Saint-Gobain’s Glass business in India, manufactures a wide variety of flat glass products and offers solutions that continue to shape the Indian construction industry. With over 16 years of presence in India, and a unique pan-India manufacturing footprint with plants in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), Jhagadia (Gujarat)&Sriperumbudur( Tamil Nadu), Saint-Gobain today is considered as a strong Technology and Market Leader.
Wide Sustainable Product Portfolio:

Saint-Gobain caters to the Indian and Export markets with the largest sustainable product range:
1. Exterior Applications: Advanced Solar Control and Thermal Insulation Glass Solutions
a. Solar Control Glass for Homes :SGG Sun Ban
b. Solar Control Glass: SGG Antelio Plus
c. Advanced Solar Control Glass: SGG Cool-Lite
d. Solar Control and Thermal Insulation Glass for Homes: SGG Evo / SGG Evolite
e. Solar Control and Thermal Insulation Glass: SGG Nano / SGG Nano Silver
f. Next generation double silvered Solar and Thermal insulation Glass: SGG Envision

2. Interior Applications: Contemporary Glass Solutions
a. Durable Lacquered Glass :SGG Planilaque Evolution, SGG Planisafe
b. High end Mirrors :SGG Miralite Evolution
c. Extra Clear Glass :SGG Diamant
d. Electrically Operable Switch On/Switch Off Glass :SGG Priva-Lite
e. Dynamically operable Electrochromic glass: Sage Glass

3. Fire Safety Solutions: 60 mins to 120 mins protection
a. SGG Pyroswiss
b. SGG Contraflam

Contemporary Solutions on offer:

1. Comprehensive Design Analysis: (by competent IGBC/LEED/Griha accredited professionals)
a. Sustainable Design Analysis
b. Structural Analysis
c. Acoustic Analysis
d. Daylighting Analysis

2. Certification program and Audit for Glass Processing industry: SGC Consortium

Towards a Greener Tomorrow
As a Founding Member of Indian Green Building Council, Saint-Gobain has been involved with over 90% of Green Buildings today in India, providing sustainable glass products and solutions. Notwithstanding the Sustainability initiatives in product offerings, Saint-Gobain is strongly committed to Green logistics and practices Lean and Green manufacturing philosophy thereby shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow.

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