Darshi Dhaliwal

Mr Darshi Dhaliwal, is presently the CTO of Toro WATT Canada. He has over 35 Years as an inventor. He developed, tested and promoted Low Energy and Water efficient system for Thermal comfort in occupied spaces.During his 10-year with tenure with TORO WATT , Darshi oversaw development of Dual Path Technology, that can save 30 to 50% energy in building cooling. He has filed 3 patents  2 in India and one in USA ,on dual path technology and condensate recycling.

Before this role, Darshi was Managing director of Climate control Services Ltd. In India, where he directed the complete design and development and promotion of Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling systems besides managing the day to day operations. He retired from Climate Control around year 2000 and went back to Canada to be with his family.Darshi is an electrical engineering drop out. He was the founder president of ISHRAE Deccan Chapter and was conferred the title of President Emeritus ISHRAE in year 2000 for his effoerts

In his spare time he enjoys reading about indoor farming of Medical Marijuana and leafy vegetables.